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About Us

Who is Urban Equine Events?
Urban Equine Events is an equestrian competition production company based out of Elkhorn, NE.  The goal of the company is to produce high quality horse shows, primarily in the Hunter/Jumper discipline, to those competitors and spectators in and around the Midwest.  The company strives to host top notch competitions by providing the exhibitors a competitive, safe, and most importantly fun venue where they can bring their horses.  In addition the company hopes to raise awareness in the communities where the competitions are held to promote equestrian sport as an entertaining event for spectators.

JimandPariceUEE is founded by the Urban family of Elkhorn, NE.  Jim and Patrice Urban started an equestrian training and showing facility by the name of Quail Run Horse Centre, Inc. in Elkhorn, and have been operating in the equestrian industry for 25+ years.  Jim has been an extremely active participant in helping to shape equestrian sport in our country by serving on several national and regional committees with the best interest of the sport at heart.  Patrice is an active amateur competitor and has the valuable knowledge of what needs to be done in virtually every aspect of running an equine facility and a “show barn”.  Together their vast experience in managing a full service equine facility, as well as travelling the country with their students and horses to various top quality competitions throughout the country gives them valuable insight in to what is needed to run an excellent competition. 

Their three sons are also part of the team.  Eldest son Dan is an active equestrian professional.  He spends his days riding and training the horses, and coaching the students.  He has been in and around the horse industry his wtheboyshole life, and has been a professional since 2006.  His experience and expertise represent the rider’s and trainer’s point of view, which is a valuable perspective when attempting to hose an equestrian competition.

Middle son Mike has also been in and around the industry since childhood.  He has worked at equestrian competitions throughout the entire country from the grassroots level to International competition with multiple established competition management companies.  As an independent contractor he has seen the “behind the scenes” efforts that are required to host a competition for over 10 years, and therefore he represents the horse show management’s view.

Youngest son Tom grew up in the horse industry as well.  In his younger years he was a frequent competitor at horse shows, but then took time off to obtain his BS in business management from the University of Nebraska Omaha.  Since then he has managed, operated, and maintained the current Quail Run Horse Centre, Inc. facility, and therefore brings some insight to the facility management’s point of view. 

This unique blend of experience in the family is undoubtedly a winning combination for producing top level competitions.